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 Only A Few Ancient Civilizations  Governments      Business

For centuries Pendulum has been used, evidence date back to the begging of time.

Only A Few uses Pendulum for many reasons and to enhance their life. It’s natural to the human body, but only when you have faith in yourself. The Divine Pendulum is not for everyone. To some people it becomes natural and to others it’s not understood. Like I said, “Only for the Few” 
 Pyramids Ancient Civilizations have used the Pendulum for many reasons and are still used today. Only within our past century, man has created certain equipment (Radars & Computers)  that has match less than ten (10%) percent of what can be accomplished with the use of a Divine Pendulum.  (More) 
 Gov Governments used the Pendulum in private agencies and Departments for many reasons. As evidence is opening doors to this new communication system, the quest for answers are opening new opportunities. The use of the Pendulum is more requested now than ever and is only the beginning.    (More)
 corp Business used the Pendulum from in Research and Development to other departments. But always keeping it private. Basically, privet individuals get answers to their question and later get the credit for their finds but not revealing their source of information. Today some companies are creating private departments that work with AI and Divine Pendulums assisting’s the questions addressing their company needs.    (More)