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The Divine Pendulum International Trust is a small group of people that believe in our innersole, and we all have the power, but few are ready to accept their knowledge. Nothing to do with religion, it’s science. Continue with your religion, believes does not interfere with your knowledge and power.

 hinduism-philosophy-god1[1] Our Philosophy is simple, “Do on to others as you want others do onto you”. The Divine Pendulum will bring you Peace and Confidence in yourself. Assist to fulfill your journey in life, is not how in fact you get where you are going, but enjoying every moment of the journey. Understanding act of live is to enhance yourself and other in our universe. We are all connected making our Universe.    More  >>
 maxresdefault[1] Our Founder have used the Pendulum for over forty years. And in the process, has learned that the Pendulum is an instrument that works with our Divine Been and named it “Divine Pendulum.” It was only till recently that he desired to come out publicly with its knowledge.   More  >>
 foundation Our “Divine Pendulum” Foundation created by Master, Alfred G Jr has helped many towered a more peaceful and prospers life. Assisting in finding people without publicity. The foundation goal is not to publicize its accomplishment, but to teach anyone on how to reach their life own accomplishments.    [email protected]    More >>