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The “Divine Pendulum” a physical instrument that helps you obtain answers to any Question. “Of course, there are guidelines you must follow for best results.”​

What you are about to read in this website could be quite bizarre, and maybe you are not ready to comprehend. Feel free to leave and thank you for visiting.

 Business Investment Results by Alfred G Jr., Divine Pendulum 
 Knowing Business Investments Results Hours or Days Before,    More  >>

 Know when to Invest or Not to Invest
  Missing People or Objects
In our Universe, nothing is missing, you are just looking in the wrong location.

Finding a missing person or an object, is located by using a digital map.   More >> 

Missing Person Foundation by Divine Pendulum

Answer any question; Know Future Numbers, questions about people’s thoughts, questions about Business and finding Missing Objects or People. All these question can be answered with the Divine Pendulum. Of Course, there are guidelines you must follow. This has nothing to do with Religion or Spirits. “It’s Pure Science” (Lear More)

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