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Business Questions: are always very complex because of all the factors that come into play. The question must be based requiring a “Yes or No” answer for best results. A question that requires a number range out come require line vectors with starting points and stopping points. Until that answer is obtain. Master, Alfred G Jr.

Business Questions

Stocks Healthcare

Business Questions: must be divided into several questions. And the outcome are based on many factors and turning points that should be addressed. Remember that yous question must be factor based on Time and Space because that is where the answer will come from. Also you must follow the Divine Pendulum operation guidelines

 corp Business Questions, first you start by compiling a profile on the business or event. You must understand that you will be working in the Astral Plane where there is “No Time or Space” and you will stables an event out come with your “Divine Pendulum.”     (More)

Today’s technology make it much easier using digital charts. There are several guideline you must use but the most important one is that you must understand that their are many prier events that can change the outcome. In the future and is very close to working with “Future Numbers.” For this I combine “Remote Viewing” for a better view and outcome results.:

First Step; You need a profile on the business or event. It could be a simple name or numbers.   (More)
Second Step; Where is the business or event location and how it compares to competitors.   (More)
Third Step; Establish communication numbers of the event and final results. Again, “Future Numbers” are a big factor.  (More)
Fourth Step; You will establish weather business outcome is numbers related and the many factors that could change results.  (More)
Fifth Step; Is where you determine weather that business or event will head in which direction.   (More)
One Divine Rule in our Universe! “An Outcome Today”, has a “Time Limit of Duration” and will change Tomorrow. No one has the Right to hold Time. “Never State the Answer as a Permanent, because it will change tomorrow as our Universe evolves.